Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vancouver pics

Here's a couple shots of Vancouver. I'll have more later; the internet here at the airport is terribly slow.

Getting started on our ride around town- Kits Beach

A Masi fan and his customized machine at Ride On (he's also an employee at the shop- I've just forgotten his name because I'm an idiot... but we had a great moment of big-guy solidarity).

Sitting on the Sky Train traveling from downtown Vancouver back to the hotel in the rain.

More later- promise.



James T said...

Tim, is that orange Benotto tape on your bike? You don't see that stuff very often anymore.

Anonymous said...

Are you riding around Stanley park in the first pic?

Visisted Vancouver for the first time in June; awesome city. A larger, greener, Canadia'er version of SF.

Anonymous said...


09 masi lineup feature a cyclocross steel with discs? so lusting for something like that...

Anonymous said...

Tim, nice hat. Did it come with a propeller? I have suit that matches that hat. Do you want to borrow?