Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vancouver, here I come!

The weekend was filled with some great time with my daughter. Well, today was filled with some great time with my daughter. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'll be flying to Vancouver.

It's nearly 11:30 at night and I just finished my laundry so now I get to start packing my clothes as well as my bike. I'm taking my Speciale Fixed with me so I can ride on Tuesday to visit retailers in Vancouver and take in the city. There is no better way to experience a new place than by bike!

Thanks to my blood clots, I have to be careful when I travel. Due to that, I contacted Jon Graff at Skins and got some incredible sports compression gear. I've got a new set of the compression tights and a compression top as well. Hopefully it means I get to Vancouver a bit more rested and without new blood clots. If they work as well as I hope and hear that they do, I will be using them for all of my international travel especially.

Now it's time to get back to work and get my packing done. I'll be in touch from Vancouver, if possible and I will definitely have my camera/s with me at all times!

Good night.



Anonymous said...

Hello Masiguy,

It's amazing how you solve your medical problems with blood clots-you don't let your problems to control your life. It's you who's in charge and that's perfect! Instead of moaning and wheeping that you are ill, you don't allow your problems to affect your lifestyle. An excellent thinking! I noticed two things: first, you're in Vancover now and secons, you love sports.
I have few suggestions for Vancouver sports and outdoor activities on my page and I'll be glad if you check them out.
Good luck and take care,

Anonymous said...

This is what I love about you Tim. You practically kill yourself and then you cannot wait to get to a new city and ride your bike!
This is how any rep for a bicycle company or bicycle shop should be. It is all too often that reps come into my shop and not only do they not bring a bike to ride with them, they look they have not rode a bike in years.
Keep up the good work Tim, I love working with you.

jeff said...

Do you already know Super Champion?
Our Tony Little is pals and works on their webstuffing.