Saturday, August 09, 2008

Masi in the Olympics

We made it to the Olympics!

See it here.

Way cool!

Just a little bit before the end, as the house is turning past the dog and the fireplace, under the stairs sits a beautiful Gloss Black SoulVille! I knew nothing of the ad, which means that they purchased the bike themselves; that is SOFA KING cool! I am floored and elated!

Hope your Olympic Saturday is as good as mine!

PS- the info came to me via my SoCal sales rep Jim Herney and the link came via my dear friend Tara Whittle- thanks to you both!


Anonymous said...

My pleasure, Tim! I was so thrilled for you when I saw this. You should be proud to have such a beautiful product appear in such a beautiful ad! It makes me wonder where other Masi bikes might be lurking! (isn't *that* an exciting thought?)

jeff said...

In a really well-done piece all about design and progress. Nice one.

Yokota Fritz said...

Very nice! The bike goes well with that house :-)

James T said...

That is cool Tim. Congrats on the exposure.