Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heading home...

Packing up the bike into the case and heading down to check out of the hotel. It's been a great trip and I'll have pictures and stories to post soon. I arrive in San Diego close to midnight, so don't expect a post until some time tomorrow.

Thanks to all the kind folks at Norco and the ladies (Amy, Mia, Tania) of Momentum Magazine (and their CIC). I look forward to getting back up to Vancouver sooner, rather than later. Thanks too, to all the retailers who gave us their time during our visits in their shops. I sincerely appreciate the support of the Masi brand and the great feedback.

Ok, gotta finish packing- bye!


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Yokota Fritz said...

Amy, Mia and Tania are a trio of sweethearts, aren't they?