Saturday, September 27, 2008


Interbike 2008 is done. This morning I got to announce the opening of the show over the convention center PA system... it was cool and felt a little rock star-like.

The show was a great success and I am walking away with greater confidence and hope than ever before. It feels incredibly good to know we've been doing the right things...

My leg is even happier that the show is done- the swelling has been pretty bad. Last night was so bad that I took a Percocet before dinner, had 3 glasses of wine with dinner and still was grinding my teeth through the meal. I haven't taken a Percocet since my second day out of the hospital... So it was bad.

Tomorrow we drive home... More pictures and storiesto follow.


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Yokota Fritz said...

Other than me nearly ripping your thumb off again, I hope you had a good show. You certainly looked busy in your booth!

Kk said...

Sorry to hear the pain got that bad, Tim. But hey, opening the day, isn't that the cycling equivalent of ringing the bell at the NYSE! said...

CONGRATS on a great show! The Masi display was one of the best at the show. It was nice to finally meet you in person. Thanks for being so nice and talking with me even though I wasn't "doing business" just lusting over all the bikes. At the end of the day my feet killed me... I can only imagine what you had to go through.