Sunday, September 14, 2008

Every Sunday should be like this...

Today was one of those great Sundays that I seem to get too few of; quiet, relaxing and filled with some great time with family. I wish they were all like this.

We started the day with some coffee fresh coffee.. well, I did anyway. I wish it was Kinetic Koffee, but I've long ago gone through all that I had (which means it is time to buy some)... but it was still good. Then I fired up the stove and cooked up some Lit'l Smokies and some pancakes. After that, we lazily shuffled through the morning. Around 1:00 when motivated ourselves enough to head out for bike ride.

It was a beautiful SoCal "autumn" day- sunny and clear, but with a steady wind. While out on the ride, we stopped to say hello to Masidaughter's mom and her brother, which was a treat for me as well.

Heading off for our ride!

Stopped for a little hello.

Me and the kids- how it should be!
The li'l punkin being her silly self- bless the little wingnut.

We ran some other errands and did some other things, but the highlight remained the ride. I wish all Sundays could be this good... sincerely.

Here's to hoping your Sunday was as good, if not better.


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