Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home now...

Got home a little while ago. Still can't fall asleep yet, as my internal clock is totally confused.

The flight from Washington Dulles was pretty uneventful and I got lucky to have a bulkhead seat behind 1st class, so even though I had the window seat I had lots of leg room. The highlight of the flight was watching an electrical storm as we flew over New Mexico/ Arizona- watching the lightning flash and travel through the clouds was amazing. Between the clouds though, it was equally impressive to see the light of the huge moon shining on the water beneath us. Sometimes the earth is such an amazingly beautiful place.

My right leg took a pretty good beating on the flight, even with the Skins tights- but I shudder to think what they would have been like without them. I am hoping it is just from all the travel and the standing and walking... if not, then it could mean more/ worse clotting issues than originally thought.

Here's my leg at least 30 minutes after taking the sock off my foot... and it's still totally swollen. To quote my doctor- "not good."

As promised photographic proof that I was working hard in Montreal. For the record, Logan (from Norco) and I lost badly... twice... to a girl who just totally kicked our asses.

More to follow. Gonna try to sleep and elevate my leg.


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Kk said...

Welcome home Tim. Jealous of your time in "Moooo-real". Hope the leg is more bark the bite. Might want to think about spending a little time in that big body of salt water to the west, good for everything that ails you. Seriously, take Katie, it'll be fun