Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Spreading some love and thanks

Gotta spread some love and thanks around tonight;

The new black pinstriped cycling cap I picked up in Vancouver is made by Cima Coppi in Vancouver. I love the hat... LOVE it! It's sized (large, for my fat head) so it doesn't pinch and eventually give me a headache. Other things that I love about the hat- it's made from recycled dress suits, the bill is made of recycled plastic yogurt containers and the hang tag is made of pieces of recycled inner tube with the information printed on it. Seriously, that's so BEYOND cool... it's just insane. I was really, really happy to stumble upon the hats while visiting a Masi retailer in Vancouver- On the Rivet. The hats rock and the store equally rocks. That said, you have to dig through the Cima Coppi website and check out all that they do. Dig this- you can send them your own fabric and they will make you a custom hat all for you! That, my friends, is what I am talking about when I talk about creating a truly wonderful and unique product. I'm a cycling cap dork and though I have a few now, it's nothing like the collection I had 10-15 years ago... I still miss my yellow Campagnolo cap and wish I'd never given it to that girl... but I digress. So consider the Cima Coppi hats and brand Masiguy Approved!

Gotta throw down a little thanks to my friends Brad Quartuccio and Jeff Guerrero at Urban Velo. Not only do these guys do a helluva job with their small publication that we are VERY proud to advertise in, but they are also great at capturing the world of regular "urban" cycling with their photos... and they're damned nice guys on top of it. They were recently at the NACCC in Chicago and captured the unfoldings with their usual skill. Brad shot me a little email with this picture that he took at the event... another reason why I love the guys. So if you aren't already a reader of Urban Velo, I encourage you to become one. I can promise that you won't be disappointed. Urban Velo = Masiguy Approved!

Ok, I gotta get back to working on a bunch more copy writing and editing... yippee...


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