Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tired in Montreal...

Montreal has been awesome! The response to the bikes has been incredible. Norco didn't bring in much of the line to Canada last year and is REALLY increasing the commitment this year. The retailers here seemed to be very excited about the brand- liking the models and the colors. It's a great way to get ready for Interbike in a few weeks. It is always great to see the familiar faces of the industry as well as the face of retailers that I remember meeting and speaking to before. Hearing from retailers here who brought in bikes and then had great luck selling them is a fantastic treat for me- it sure goes a long way towards validating the very hard work we do in creating the bikes and rebuilding the brand.

The weather has not been all that great, so I haven't been riding yet. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can get out for a ride along the river. Montreal is such a beautiful city and I always enjoy getting to see it from my saddle. I would post some pictures here, but the hotel wifi is unbelievably slow and unreliable- as it has been since my first stay here 3 years ago. It's a great hotel otherwise- but the wifi signal is always very unreliable.

The downside to the Montreal experience, aside from losing my cell phone in a taxi on the first night, is that my body is really beat to hell by all the walking and standing in the booth. My right leg is extremely sore, as is my back and my neck. I feel like I've been run over by a cement truck... which has me pretty worried about Vegas and Interbike. I may be crippled by the time the show is over in a few weeks. I love what I do for a living... but right now it's taking a heavy toll on me. That said, I do feel as inspired and invigorated as ever! The feedback and support for the bikes and the various things we've been doing has been amazing and I am super happy about where things look to be heading. Success is an intoxicating thing!

Ok, I'm falling apart sitting here in the lobby of the hotel using the better wifi signal, but I'm caling it quits and heading to bed. Pictures will be downloaded and shared... promise.



Matt Boulanger said...

What you need is....


Seriously, Gravy, fries and cheese curds are all good things., but in the proper combination, served piping hit? Oh Boy. Do like we used to do in late-night trips to Montreal from Vermont, wash it down with a Maudite or Fin du Monde!

philgo20 said...

If you are still in Montreal, are you in for a ride tonight ?