Sunday, May 15, 2005

I can live with that...

Ok, tied for 9th at the time trial today. Not too bad, especially with legs that didn't exactly feel great. I'll take it. I'll hopefully have a picture or two, soon, to post from the race.

I don't know if I was bogged down on too big of a gear, or just had too little power to turn the gear over, but I never really felt like I was getting on top of the gear and really rolling it. I found myself unable to accelerate a couple of times and then had to drop it to an easier gear to get going again. My legs just weren't quite there... but they weren't entirely gone either.

I got humbled by an older rider who rode up to me while I was cooling down, who asked me about my ride. I told him what I thought my time was and he said "Wow, you were flying!" I hadn't thought I'd been "flying" and this guy would have loved to have ridden my time. All things really are relative. Speed is what you make of it and after that conversation, I felt great about my ride.

Enjoy your ride too,


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Anonymous said...

was it the guy on the beachcruiser with the floppy hat and Birkenstocks?