Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Something new...

As you may have noticed, there is a new feature to the blog now; a poll! How cool is that? I can ask stupid and/ or meaningful questions and you can answer them in an anonymous poll and don't have to leave any kind of trail so that I can track you down to your homes. It's a win-win; I get important feedback from my audience and you can be completely free from my tyrannical reign of power.

Ok, this first poll is about our carbon bike/ frame that we are developing. Right now our horns are locked in a feverish battle to determine what they should look like. In an attempt to keep the survey unbiased by my opinion (and I do have one, believe me) all I will say is this;

Paint them completely?
Leave them totally unpainted?
Partially paint them leaving areas of nude carbon exposed?
It really doesn't matter, so long as it is carbon?
Who cares about carbon anyway?

Please use the poll counter for your answers, to keep it "scientific" and what-not.



Anonymous said...

Unpainted will sort of go against the grain of Faliero's classic cosmetics on each bicycle frame. Exposed carbon is good (Carrera?)as long as the bike isn't spec'd to retail at $1600 w/105...TCR...cheap. Carbon for real handling/crit purposefulness. Cost will be higher due to carbon-aerospace demand arriving...Carbon lugged with oversized lugs...Dedacciai carbon beefy lugs, high modulous...nah, don't make it stupid expensive. Frame avail and please hand some Campy stink on it.

Anonymous said...

whoa, hang not hand...ha.

Anonymous said...

Or a cross/tour bike(speciale green reborn), shifters poking off the drops like Christmas tinsel out of the rear of your uncle's dog.