Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Testimonial for today;

Michael Klasmeir is the Operations Manger for City Bikes (Washington, DC and Chevy Chase, MD) and can get his hands onto virtually any bike he would like to... and most of them for free due to the amount of business this chain of stores does. However, Mike paid for the Gran Criterium frame in the below pictures and then built up his own sweet ride.

Here's what he had to say about the bike after having the chance to finally ride it;
"Good looking bike/wheels... This is the new baby for now. I'm trying to justify the wheelset (clinchers) and after just one ride on them, I'm going to have a hard time saying 'no'.

I've got nothing but good things to say about this Masi. I'm a steel guy at heart and I think this bike has given me a transplant. Getting off the old Bontrager (yes, he made bikes) and onto this Masi has made a HUGE difference in my riding. I've been tooling around during lunch for the last few months on S-Works Roubaix, Six13 Team, Merckx MXM, Merckx Premium, Merckx Race, Cannondale Synapse carbon and nothing feels better than this bike. This thing is in the big leagues without the big league price (except for the way I have it built up).
Oh, like I need to tell you guys: Campy Record rocks..."

Yes, Mike and I get along pretty well, but he paid for this thing before I could even get my hands on something to give him for free, so his comments are ones he paid for, not me. Obviously, I'm very glad he likes the bike and even happier he sells the bikes. So if you're in Chevy Chase, MD or Washington, DC and you're looking for a Masi, go see City Bikes.

Thanks Mike,


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Anonymous said...

Tim, I´m a Colombian 28 year old guy who really wants the Masi Gran Corsa Premio. I have a causin in Miami that sells masi bikes. I sent the money to him 5 months ago but he told me yesterday that my bike, which was ordered at the beggining of this year, still has not arrived to California. I am riding an old Raleigh (mountain bike) with road tires that weights 33 pounds. Just imagine how desperate I am. Do you have any new when will the bikes arrive??

Thanks for your help. A desperate Colombian who wants a Masi GCP will be gratefull.