Friday, November 04, 2005

When a door closes, a window opens.

Last night, a group of us from work went out for beer, darts, cigars and a casual "send off" for former Prez and Grand Poobah Jim Ford. We didn't succeed in getting him to dance on a table, but I did give him a box of cigars and got him talked into going flyfishing with me one of these nights soon. He did however threaten to fire me if I didn't buy a round of Tequila shots and it wasn't until I was paying the bar tab that I remembered he was no longer the mighty Overlord and Signer of Paychecks.

This guy does however sign my checks now. Notice how big he's smiling with that glass of Hefeweizen in front of him. It does appear that he and I are getting the one-finger salute here, so you can see that it's a pretty stuffy group of folks here.

This is where things start to get stinky and the stogies started getting smoked. The guy in the back right is our former Inside Sales Manager, Mike Russell... notice the wild and crazy eyes going on there. Makes me nervous... (Hi Mike!)This is our pro downhill rider and current National Champion, Cody Warren and his mother Kim. You really couldn't ask for a nicer kid to have on your team. He's a very nice guy and a very talented rider... and he's only 19! This fella has a heck of a future ahead of him.

This is Jill Hamilton. Jill has just been snookered into taking a job like mine (poor girl) and is now the newly created Haro Mountain Bike Brand Manager. Jill knows a little about riding a mountain bike too... she used to race Pro downhill. I'm scared to ride a mountain bike down a paved road and she hucks'em off drops that make me faint. Honestly, between the two of us, I'm the one who "rides like a girl" (to all the women who read this blog, I am not insulting you... I swear- no hate mail please).

I'm not sure how I got a picture of my own nose and mouth, but I have a feeling it might be cigar related. That's what happens when you ask a non-cigar smoker to hold your camera...



Anonymous said...

"fly fishing" is Tim's code word. It's like taking a girl to watch the "submarine races".


Anonymous said...

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