Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm #1!

I'm relatively sure it is some sort of error with Technorati's software or some algorithmic glitch... but as of today, I'm #1!

Thanks to the help of my good friend Valeria Maltoni and the heads up from one of my other Age of Conversation co-authors, Roger Anderson, I was able to do a screen capture to preserve this brief and historic moment for posterity.

Actually, this is proof positive of the power of blogs and the blogosphere, all because of the Age of Conversation book that I was lucky enough to be a part of. The book is doing very well and the dialog surrounding it has created quite a firestorm for all of us authors.

Again, if you haven't already, go get yourself a copy of the book... you won't regret it.



Anonymous said...


Your enthusiasm inspired me. I usually don't post on Saturdays, but here it is ;-)

Paul Dunay said...

Funny post (I had the same surprise this morning) and BTW congrats on your #12 spot on Being Peter Kim's Top 20 marketing blogs - I have been following your blog ever since.

I wanted to point you to a survey of B2B marketers of their favorite Web 2.0 tools if you are interested ...

here is the survey link

here is a directory of the results

and here is B2B Marketing Magazine's coverage of it

and here is my most recent post on it

Paul Dunay

PS let me know if you would like to do a podcast with me sometime

Brandon said...

Congrats! And I'm glad to join the club --

Yokota Fritz said...

Wow, that's really cool.

I see that your post has also earned you a couple of extra links from geek blogs.

Anonymous said...

Your father was a hamster and your mother smells of Elderberries...