Friday, August 01, 2008

"First" Friday

It's Friday the "first" of August...



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Donna T. said...

Just as Dave said it, I was thinking "YOU DO NOT HAVE A HELMET" SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
We want Masiguy to always be safe...glue a helmet to your head, please....seriously. that the lecture is over CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

Masiguy rides again - awesome!

Mark Ritz said...

WooHoo! Way to go, Tim!

Let's all sing it together now, "We're back in the saddle again..."



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Anonymous said...

Seriously disappointed to see you without a helmet.

"Do me a favor?
If you actually like me, even a little, do me a favor; get outside and ride your bike this weekend. Even if you only ride to the corner store to get some milk, a beer, a loaf of bread, a carton of smokes... anything... just get out and ride. Strap a helmet to your head and get out on your bike and get some wind in your lungs and sun on your skin."

"If you are able, get out and ride and enjoy (but wear your damn helmet)."

"Granted, we have no choice when racing, but please wear your helmet each time you ride your bike. OK?"

These are all actual quotes from one of the greatest cyclists of our generation, you should follow his advice!

btw/ it's good to see you back on the bike

Tim Jackson said...

You are all absolutely right; I should've had my helmet on and I made a hypocrite of myself... but I didn't have a helmet here to wear. Not a good reason- I know. BUT I just really wanted to ride to lunch.

Next week, I promise I will have a helmet here and I will be using it all the time. Promise.

And thanks for the months (and past 3 years) of support. Sincerely. That's why I wanted to share my first pedal strokes with you all; I felt I owed it to you to take you with me. Sincerely.


TheNanny612 said...

YAY!!!! I am so freakin happy for you!! WOOHOO!!!

Anonymous said...

"No helmet comments from me as you already know my policy."
A 'true' rider (bicycle or motorcycle) has his riding attire at home, within auto or truck AND at work!
Reports are your awaiting a new custom painted lid from Troy Lee Designs. :-)
EASY GOES on your return to bicycle riding there HOSS!
Recommendation, don't forget that Red colored flashing light attached to your seat post operating CONSTANTLY.
Give the public a fair chance! :-)

Anonymous said...

good for you Tim, that's great. I won't give you a hard time about the helmet ;-) Since reading your blog i've actually started looking at and seeing Masi bikes around, never noticed them before. Been thinking about the Cafe Racers for commuting and getting around SFO.

Bernie said...

Seriously Tim, this post absolutely made my day. I'm very happy for you, whether or not you had a helmet on. I'd imagine that was the best lunch you've had for a long time.

Thanks for giving me something inspirational to think about this evening.

Anonymous said...

You're back!
The feeling is awesome, isn't?

J Quaglia said...

Congrats Tim!

Rock on and keep up the good fight!

Masi is the best bike brand EVER!!!!!!

Vincenzo said...

yay for Tim! sorry my post is late. i haven't been on the computer in a week. good job on the riding ('cept for the non-helmet thing). keep it up brother

Anonymous said...

The chorus already covered the helmet part (this is my mean "don't do that again" look), so my job is easier. I just have to say - wow, look at you! You're riding!

And since I love quotes, I pulled one out for the occasion. I'm guessing it will ring true for you:

Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling. ~James E. Starrs

Anonymous said...

going to have to chime in here too... great to see you back on a bike and all smiles but man... no helmet! you were singing the praises of wearing a helmet and your recent crash... sundry thanks for life and kids etc... cmon tim... a bike co with no helmets hanging about. and get your work buddy wearing one too! the bike co i worked for had a policy of NOT allowing anyone to ride without a helmet if on test rides or whatever during work hours...



Anonymous said...

Tim, I can not say nearly as much as is going through my head, but it is great to see you riding again and am looking forward to seeing you drop me again on the way back from MEad.

Sun and Ski

Anonymous said...

Yay Tim!
I am so stoked for you! As you know a lot of us have been in your shoes (laid up for long period of time) and I relish the feeling of that first ride back. The nervousness, the excitment, the feeling of gliding that we all love. You really put a big smile on my face when I saw that video. I rode by your house yesterday after a long moto ride and looked for your rollers to see if you were back on the pony.
In the words of Tom York "Everything in its right place"

ervgopwr said...

Hi Tim!

Hi Dan!