Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Howdy from Vancouver!

Made it to Vancouver without any problems. My legs held up fine to the flight- thanks in part to the compression tights from Skins. I actually had more difficulty with my right foot feeling restless and somewhat sore. I don't have a good explanation for it, but I'm sure it's related to the injury, etc.

The sales meeting went well yesterday and my presentation of the Masi line went fine also. The Norco sales force is now Masif-fied and re-indoctrinated. We all held hands and sang campfire songs afterwards... well, maybe not... but we coulda. My brand counterparts Jill Hamilton (MTB) and Tony D (BMX) both presented before I did and then had to bolt out the door for their flights home. I stayed (obviously) and had an excellent meal with a few of the Norco folks.

Today is the day to go visit retailers. My Masi/ Haro product manager for Norco, Paul Burnett, and I will be riding bikes through the city to visit 4-6 retailers today. I SOOOOO wish I could do that all the time for dealer visits. Later, when we're done, I'll be joinging up with Mia Kohout and the posse from Momentum Magazine.

Ok, I gotta run. Time to get ready to leave for my Vancouver bike adventures! I promise I'll get some pictures and maybe even some video.


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Anonymous said...

too bad the weather sucks today.