Monday, August 25, 2008

A little more from Vancouver.

More from Vancouver...

The first night in Vancouver- technically the hotel was in Coquitlam- from my hotel window. The picture does it no justice.

MTB/ Adult Brand Manager, Jill Hamilton, presenting to the Norco sales armada.

My brother-in-arms at Norco, Paul Burnett; Paul is the poor stiff who gets to deal with me at Norco and who got to drag me all over the place.

This is the Gastown area of downtown Vancouver- love the brick street and the funky wedge builing; just to the left of the picture is the really cool restaurant where I had beers and snacks with Amy, Tania and Mia from Momentum Magazine.

From the outside looking in- looking into downtown from the water's edge.

Vancouver's famous Steam Clock in Gastown. It mights been a better picture if wasn't raining on my lens at the time...

I laughed so hard I nearly peed when I saw this sign in a very nice Vancouver neighborhood. Even Canadian grffiti is better than ours!

Ok... more later... again.


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Anonymous said...

Vancouver is a great town. I often start a Nth American trip there. Great scenery and restaurants. Did you enjoy?