Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's like dejavu all over again...

Busy. Still.

Leaving for Montreal on Saturday for the Canadian industry tradeshow. Eurobike is this week, but I'm not there... obviously. Looking forward to being back in Montreal- it's been two years since I was there and it is one of my favorite cities I've visited so far. Can't decide if I should take a geared bike or my Speciale Fixed. Have considered taking one of my carbon bikes, but It might be nice to reign myself in and just take the Fixed and stay off the Mont this trip (though the view is unreal). The view along the St. Lawrence river is incredible too and the bike path that runs along the river meanders for many miles without a single stoplight and barely anybody else to contend with. It's pretty much heaven.

Interbike will be directly on the heels of Montreal and somewhere in the middle of all of that, we have to finalize what we're doing for our Spring release bikes (mostly color changes for a few models and a tiny few "enhancements").

Yeah, I know- broken record.

The things we do to keep making more and better bikes for you... you folks are a tough crowd!


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Anonymous said...

I'll come by and introduce myself in Montreal. Looking forward to meeting you and seeing the new Masi's.