Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let's get something straight...

Yep- it's busy. Super busy. WAY super busy. Interbike starts in just a few days for us- hopping in the trucks and driving to Vegas early Sunday morning and heading out to Dirt Demo. We should be there mid to late afternoon again so we can set up for Demo and then head back into the city for the show on Tuesday night. Needless to say, as is always the case with Interbike, we're scrambling to get things done in time for the show and to make the booth as sexy as possible. If you're attending Dirt Demo this year, make sure you stop by our Demo booth; I'm bringing a pretty big fleet of bikes to the event this year. 3VC 105, Speciale 105, Speciale Fixed, SoulVille 3spd Mixte, SoulVille SS, Vincere and two new models that I'll leave as a little "secret" until then. All together, it's about 39 bikes. So come ride some beautiful new bikes... somebody should, since I might not be able to.

After losing my phone in Montreal, I had to buy a new phone... but I had to pay full retail since I had just renewed my contract this summer and do not qualify for any discounted upgrades. My "old" phone (3.5 months) was slightly less expensive at full price than either a Blackberry or iPhone... so I got the iPhone. I won't wax poetic about it; I like the phone so far and it is easy to geek out on the technology in the little thing, but I'm personally averse to the iHype that goes along with it. Last time I checked, Steve Jobs hasn't cured cancer, nor has he stopped world hunger or war... so he's just a terribly smart man who has created one of the slickest technology brands ever... but he's no messiah. There... I'm done. That said, one of the main reasons I got the phone is to finally be able to use Social Media on the go. Quick blog posts whenever I feel like it. Uploading photos when I am away from my laptop. It's a great tool for those things and I look forward to seeing just how well it works. BUT... all the pictures I had on the old phone are now gone for good. I can't tell you how much that hurts.

Speaking of hurting... this is my current nighttime companion;

It's supposed to help straighten out my right arm, since I am still unable to straighten it completely. The device has an adjustable spring tension that forces the arm to try and straighten while I sleep... if I sleep. Some nights the brace feels fine and I sleep normally and other nights I sleep poorly until I rip the thing off of my arm. It's pretty medieval looking and seems like something that would've been used during the Spanish Inquisition.

Another member of the pain family is this little white piece of something- possibly shredded thumb nail or sliver of paint from the velodrome boards- that I pulled out of my thumbnail bed this evening.

I first saw this ?? when I lost the old thumbnail. It was just a tiny spec of black in the middle of the fleshy red of my thumbnail bed. Tonight, during my nightly cleaning of the finger, I decided to see if I could grip it with my tweezers- just to see if it was attached or was simply a splinter. Again, all I could see was a tiny spec the size of the tip of a needle. Whatever it is, it's paper thin, but about 4 x 8mm possibly... so when I drug the piece out of my nail bed, it was a bit "surprising" to say the least. AND the finger bled like crazy for a few minutes. It was a bit more than I bargained for, but the bleeding stopped and I'm typing again.

The next few days are seriously chaotic as we put the final touches on many, many things before the show. Posting is likely to suffer until I get to Vegas... but with the iPhone, maybe posting won't drop off at all... you just never know. And with the iPhone during the show, there is no telling who and what I might be able to snap a quick pic of...

Stay tuned people.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the iPhone, but even bigger congrats on incorporating MP into one of your posts. You can never have too much MP.

Gilby said...

Wow, Masiguy has a bionic arm! Except for the pain part. Hope it is feeling better soon.

You do know that the iPhone and iPod are gateway drugs, right? :P

Mark Ritz said...

Man, I don't envy the torture device on your arm. After reading the first part of your post, I am really sorry thatwe can't make the Outdoor Demo this year! I really want to try one of those sweet looking Gran Criteriums!
We're driving out Monday/Tuesday from Arcata (it's a 14 hour slog) and setting up our booth Tuesday afternoon. I will be spending the weekend roasting coffee for the show...

See you there, Tim!

blue squirrel said...

wuss, my medieval arm straightening device was named li-der chan, my PT, with a doctorate in PT [pain]. but i have too tell you, after all the cold sweets and extreme pain laying on the PT table, my arm / shoulder went from partially frozen to [almost] normal now.

hey, why the hate, it's not steve'os fault you have been stuck on a PC.

[hang in there, a month in the spring and you will be able to grip your drops like the pro you are]

dan23dan23 said...


Make sure you wear that torture divise all the time. I know of a guy I worked with Matt (I forget his last name, but you know him - he worked for either Canari or one of those clothing guys), any who, he never wore his brace and to this day cannot open his arm all the way. As big of a pain in the arse that thing is, make sure you keep up the physical training on that arm, and wear the hell out of it!

Just my advice, and of course easier said than done.

See you next week!