Saturday, September 13, 2008

Montreal BTAC/ Expo Cycle

It was two years ago that I was last in Montrea for the BTAC/ Expo Cycle show and a lot has changed since then. At that time, we were still "struggling" to hit our stride at Masi- in the last phases of the redevelopment and strengthening of the brand. Last year, Masi was absent from the show and now the line is radically different from what was last seen there in Montreal... for the better.

I love to fly- as you can see, the accommodations were quite spacious and roomy.

This was easily the longest Customs line I've ever stood in! It was at least an hour, if not 1.5hrs for me to get through the line... and it only got longer while I was standing there. By the time I got through, the entire "corral" was full of people.

I thought it was just us Americans who were scared of foreigners crossing our borders...

The Montreal show is smaller, when compared to Interbike in Vegas and Eurobike in Germany, but it is still a significant show. For me, the smaller physical size of the show itself did not change how busy I was in the booth speaking to retailers- it was slightly less chaotic than Vegas, but still very busy for the 3 days.

Feedback to the bikes was awesome. The overwhelming response was very positive and I am confident my good friends at Norco will have quite the year with the bikes.

There were SO many beuatiful bikes and widgets to look at, but I sadly had very little time to see much more than the inside of my own booth. BUT... that's good news.

I'll be back later with more pictures- it's time to be Daddy now!


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