Friday, August 12, 2005

eBay... again.

Only because I got an email from a curious consumer today, I am compelled to restate our policies regarding eBay sales; these bikes do not come with any kind of warranty at all, as our dealers are not authorized to sell via eBay or other auction sites, per their signed dealer agreements. This is to protect you, the consumer, the retailer and even ourselves of course. Please be advised that the price may be great, but if a warranty issue were to arise in the future, no warranty would apply. So buy at your own risk.

A few bikes pop up here and there on eBay and the source is not exactly known. There is a bike currently on eBay and I do not know who the seller is or how they got the bike, so just be warned.

This obviously only applies to bikes that are listed as new, current model year bikes. Used bikes would no longer have a warranty either, as it is non-transferable, but at least the source is not as questionable.

Sorry to flog a dead horse, but I just wanted to remain clear on the topic.


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