Monday, August 15, 2005

Getting classic.

Since I get a number of requests each week for information regarding restoration of older/ vintage Masi bikes, I have added a few new links here for two of the very best sources of information on restoring bikes; CyclArt and Vintage Cycle Studios.

I really can't think of two better sources and there is always the chance that one of the two owners may have painted or brazed your vintage frame since both worked for Masi California.

CyclArt is owned and operated by Jim Cunningham. Jim is considered one of the very best bike restorers in the business and does some exceptional painting. He's very near us and we frequently have him paint sample frames for us. Check out his site for vintage parts as well, as he has an extensive catalog of rare and hard to find parts.

Vintage Cycle Studios is owned and operated by Brian Baylis. Brian is one of the greatest artists to ever lift a torch or airbrush. Many examples of his work are suitable for display at the Smithsonian or Louvre. Brian's lugwork is in my humble opinion some of the very finest examples of the craft to ever be seen.

One of the best things about these two companies is that both of these guys have vast amounts of knowledge and experience and can likely give you a much better idea of your bike's history.

There you have it. Now you can bring new life into your old bike and make everybody you know very, very jealous.


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