Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Night at home...

Since I didn't race, I got to have a beer and watch Shrek 2 (not The Incredibles this time) with my daughter. Not the same as leaning hard into a banked turn and sprinting for the finish line, but all in all a damned good evening still. I can't wait for her to get a little older though, so I can watch Breaking Away or Triplets of Belleville with her instead. Don't get me wrong, I like a good Disney/Pixar movie just as much as any other parent without a choice, but I am looking forward to cramming her head full of cycling imagery. She already thinks that all cyclists are either me or my best friend. She screams her little head off any time she comes to the track to watch me race too. My son is deeply involved with basketball at the moment, so his track racing is on hold for now, but he used to be really into it with me and took to the track like a fish to water.

The image below is courtesy of my boss' brother,

© Scott R. Varley

Why am I thirsty now?


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Anonymous said...

Dang it now I'm thirsty too