Monday, August 01, 2005


I try to remain as non-politicized as possible with my posts and this one is politically charged, but it is not my intention to press an agenda, but to share a great story.

David Losa is a cyclist riding from Santa Barbara, CA to Washington, DC to raise awareness about the plight of millions in prisons across the country. Regardless of where you stand on the incarceration issue (and I'm not voicing my opinion), the ride this guy is taking is pretty impressive. He isn't a long-time race geek or multi-time century rider, so his efforts are pretty incredible. Obviously, his ride caught my attention because he is making the trip across the country on a Masi. That's the self-serving part of things. I was impressed by his motivation and his heart and the passion of those working with him on his crusade. I received several emails from people working with him, informing me of his ride and the fact that he is doing it perched atop a Masi. I get lots of inquiries for sponsorship and other forms of "recognition" by people who either have a Masi or want to get a free one, but this particular story caught my attention.

I hope you will take a moment to check out his story and what he is doing and why. It's a compelling story that I felt I should share.

To David and his crew of supporters on the road and across the country; Good luck, good wind and no flats.

(More posts about David and his ride to follow.)

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