Monday, August 01, 2005

eBay revisited

Once again I feel compelled to issue a warning to consumers about eBay purchases of "new" Masi bicycles, as a protection for consumers and support of authorized Masi dealers.

We do not allow eBay sales of Masi bicycles, so any shop that is selling them on eBay is in violation of their dealer agreement or is getting the bikes through a "grey market" channel.

Please keep in mind that any purchase of a new Masi bicycle, as it is an unauthorized sale, would not qualify for warranty should there be a problem- so buyer beware.



Anonymous said...

Does your dealer agreement state that at no time can frames/bikes be sold via eBay/internet?

Tim Jackson said...

Actually, yes. Complete bikes are a definite no-no. Parts and frames can be sold through a brick-n-mortar shop's website, but only if a signed Internet Sales agreement has been signed and authorized beforehand. Otherwise, no go.

All of this is to protect the consumer as well as the retailers who "play by the rules" and all of the brands in the Haro family by maintaining a respectable postition in the marketplace.