Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Thank you!

Ok, it just wouldn't be right of me if I didn't say a very gracious thank you to both Daniel and Jesse from Shimano. They were here today to present some stuff to a few of my cohorts here today and then we went to lunch. The five of us ate enough sushi (really good sushi) to feed a family for a week! I thought I might just burst, but managed to squeeze one or twelve more pieces down. There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about gill nets killing off the dolphin population in the oceans (along with other species), but I think I might have personally put a much bigger dent in the tuna population all by myself. The sushi chef was amazed that we could eat as much as we did and even asked us on the way out if we managed to eat everything... which we did.

Shimano, for today at least, is my very best friend in the world! Thanks guys.


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dan23dan23 said...

Remember when the Jumbo Volcano Roll was too HOT?

That was funny, yet still tasty.

p.s. I was just joking about the being off my SWAG list.