Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another whirlwind...

It has been another whirlwind adventure here. We spent the day running from one factory to the next all day. Only saw four vendors, but they were on opposite sides of Taichung, so we had to drive all over the place. First visit was with a component maker, the next visit was brake maker, the next visit was a steel frame/ fork vendor and the last visit was with a crank and small parts vendor. It was a busy day again. Didn't get the chance to take too many pictures today though. Sorry.

Truly feeling the jetlag today too, but in that weird dopey-feeling way. It's almost like taking a sleeping pill and waking up too soon, before it is totally worn off. Just feeling like I'm a little bit of a haze... and not because of the beer this time.

Leaving for dinner in a little bit with a friend of mine from one of my frame vendors. Supposed to be a good meal too, so I'm excited. Kinda hungry tonight, so I'm looking forward to this meal! Last year, they took us to a great "hot pot" restaurant, so I have high hopes for dinner tonight.

Ok kids, gotta run. I swear I'm still gonna try to do a podcast while I am here as well as post a video or two. Got a good video of a wheel building machine that's kinda cool. Ok... talk at ya' later.


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