Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First post of '08!

Beautiful morning- sun is shining, it's a bit "chilly" (by SoCal standards) and I don't have a hangover (not that I should)... so it's perfect weather to ride!

Heading out the door in a few minutes for that first ride of the new year. It's supposed to be pretty darned windy on/ near the mountain with gusts up to 45mph and it's cold- might've even gotten some snow up top over night. BUT I'm still dragging my fat, sprinter caboose up the thing! Will try to get pictures... between gasps for air.

Happy New Year!

(Go listen tot the podcast from last night, if you haven't already.)


Kk said...

Go get 'em Tim! I went and got 'em yesterday otherwise I'd be out there with ya.

Stay warm!

Fritz said...

Happy New Year to you, Tim.