Saturday, January 12, 2008

The waiting game...

In the US now, but waiting a few more hours for my flight home from LA. Ugh... I just wish I could sleep in the airport. It's nearly 10:00PM back in Taiwan, so my body is trying to tell me it is time for bed. By Friday, I was finally feeling totally normal in Taiwan... which does me SO much good now.

Our flight from Taipei to Tokyo, for all 4 of us, was awesome because we got upgraded to Business class! Sweet! Leg room to spare and much better food and wines... now I'm spoiled for sure. However, on the flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, only Wayne and I got the luck of the draw and received a random upgrade to Business again. I felt bad for Pat and Jill... but not bad enough to sacrifice my free upgrade! For the first time in years, I actually slept on my flight home. It helps when the seat reclines nearly totally flat. Oh man, it was great and I am totally spoiled. Totally.

Thanks again for following along and reading the blog and listening to the podcast. Wish it all coulda been "stronger", but the trip was busy enough that it was hard to do what little I was able to do.

I'll follow up over the next few days with more detailed posts about all kinds of things... I promise.


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Anonymous said...

You and Wayne got upgraded, eh? Typical. The roadies always get treated with a silver spoon and the MTB's get shoved in the back of the bus....:)

Welcome back!