Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Your moment of Zen..."




spokejunky said...

Stop the spinning. It's making me nauseous.

Looks great from drawing, voting and then product. Are you going to cap that bad boy with a Brooks B17?

Michael P. said...

Greatness! I may have to build up one for the wife.

Bret Moss said...

Looks like you could fit some Schwalbe 2.35 Big Apples in there.

Anonymous said...

You went all the way to Taiwan to see a frame spin in circles? Wow

stickboy said...

Looks good! Nice work bringing it to production. Will there be the same color options as the standard Soulville or maybe a limited edition paint scheme?

Bernie said...

Ooh- limited edition paint! I remember DelSol had this one color, kind of a pastel pearl yellow. That would be hot, maybe with a pearly white panel.

Kk said...


Jeff said...

it looks sooooo good!
i'm definitely getting that for my gf.

(just ordered myself a speciale cx last week! so excited!)

jeff said...

That wasn't me, but so am I.