Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not dead, just busy...

Sorry for the drop in posts and podcasts and vidcasts... it's been a very hectic December/ January time period. Lots happening. Finally finished the copy for the Spring '08 catalog that will be done and printed in March. Just going over the final tweaks of spec information and assessing the last photo needs. All of the Spring sample bikes are done and in our hot little hands. My Product Manager, Wayne Doran, scrambled and managed to get the samples delivered to us and built... so at least we'll have pretty pictures of pretty bikes in the catalog. Also have to work up a PowerPoint presentation for a very important retailer training camp next week out in Boulder City NV... but the good news is that I get 4 days of riding in warm, dry weather in Nevada. Bonus!

Tomorrow is Thursday and already this week is a total blur. Hard to believe I came off of a 4 day weekend because I'm already wiped out... though that could have something to do with the cold I'm still fighting off. Hopefully I can get healthy by Sunday, as one of my all-time favorite crits is this weekend. I don't think I've ever finished out of the top 10 on this course and I've won once and been on the podium a few times, so I have a soft spot for this course. If my head clears up from this cold enough (and I can get my sister or mother to watch my daughter for a couple hours), I'm gonna try to get in the race and mix things up. The last time I did the race was two years ago- and it was won by '84 Olympic gold medalist Steve Hegg. I was 8th that day and I would argue that I have better legs this year. So we'll see.

Ok, I have a lot of work to do tomorrow and need to get a little sleep... so good night folks!



Philip said...

Hello Tim. I'm part of a small team putting together an independent bike journal. I'd love to speak with you about the possibility of you contributing to our journal, its long but I'll include our manifesto. Please get in touch with me at if you are interested.

After spending an age talking about putting together a bike 'journal' we are actually getting on with it.
Andrew, Dean, Phil Stringer and I have always wanted to produce an alternative to the bike magazines and zines that are around. We're not in this to make money, or to produce a regular publication, just a special one off that shows the soul and the heart of riding.

So here's where we need your help. We know you're into bikes, we know you'll have some great tales to tell or photographs that 'say it all'. We're going to assemble a collection of riding tales, and killer photographs, that capture the feelings (both laughter and tears) of riding. Hopefully yours will be a personal story of bike life, moments of suffering, joy or just the grease and grime that won't clear from under your fingernails. You can write a single page (800 words), or if you've got plenty to say then we're more than happy to take longer pieces.

Dean Taylor and GQ magazine's Andrew Diprose will be handling design duties, so you know that your writing will look like a thing of beauty. I will be assembling the words and the pictures, and trying to stop them getting obsessed with fonts. Phil Stringer will be publishing and doing all those serious grown up bits that make a magazine happen.

Without getting too hippy, the journal will be: personal, emotive, soulful, insightful, encompassing of all cycling styles, specialist, and will be properly printed.

We are not; full of reviews, commercially lead in any way and predictably we're not able to pay cash for the great work we hope you'll provide. We're hoping that as this is the world of bikes then you'll not be too surprised by another venture that's lead by love for the sport and not by money!

We're going to make this happen through our own time and funding, but if anyone would like to help with sponsorship then that would be wonderful, of course. Also if you know of anyone who might be interested in this venture please let us know.

So, are you in?

When we thought of you we already had a list of possible ideas we'd like to cover, as you'd expect, but if you have any ideas then we'd be more than happy to hear about them. Either way we hope you'll join us and be part of what we're sure will be a great project.

Philip Diprose
Andrew Diprose, Dean Taylor, Phil Stringer

Philip said...

sorry my mistake, its actually

thanks for reading it.


just a skinny guy up north said...

It's only been 2 days...

The real reason you've been absent is you have been moonlighting at your other job.

Donna T. said...

"not dead, just busy"....I hear ya!!! Hope you get to race this weekend and kick some butt!