Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Spy shots...

My new personal brakes... amazing light and very, very smooth action.

7005 series aluminum track cog (16t for those who need to know). Super, super light. I am curious to see how well it holds up before the teeth get really worn or sheer off. The tooth profile is really stout and the cog is reinforced around the area where the chain contacts it. It just might work... so I will let you know. I promised the vendor I would give him real world feedback.

The brakes and the cog are made by the same person. He is very passionate about his work and his products. I can relate to that. We hit it off pretty well and I am very happy to have met him and seen his various products. One of the highlights of the trip so far.

Ok, gotta run downstairs to the taxi.



brant said...

Yes - Mr Control is a nice chap.

erv said...

Just as interesting is the articles in the background papers.

Brakes see Mr. Obama, use of plastics dangerous for children etc.

Cog shows us concern for a global recession an reduced Taiwanese exports related to a US slow down.

Oh yeah bikes, sweet mixte!

stickboy said...

Single pivot brakes? The machining looks cool from what I can make of the picture.