Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time off!

Man, it's great to take a few days off from work. Don't get me wrong, you all know how much I love my job, but I NEED a few days off. All work, no play, yadda, yadda, yadda...

Woke up this morning with a sore throat and a runny nose... and it was raining still, but not dumping the high speed, sideways stuff like last night. Still, it was not the best start to a four day weekend. I mean, just because I'm not doing that 3-day stage race I was talking about, it didn't mean I wanted to get sick and stay in bed for 4 days.

Eventually the rain stopped long enough for the roads to dry off and the temperature to get a bit warmer, so I slipped into my Super Suit and went out for a nice 2hr 45min ride along the coast. It was cold and windier than heck- sustained winds of 20+mph and gusts well over that. I was getting blown around pretty good at times, but the ride North was super fast with the tailwind. Sadly, that meant that the ride South back to home was dreadful. The wind was really tough, especially with legs that were fading. But I soldiered on and even went out of my way to find a couple extra hills to climb on the way. All in all, it was a great ride. My legs felt far better than I figured they would, since I've ridden so little in the past few weeks. I rode my cross bike at work yesterday for about 45 minutes and was tired after that, so I had little expectation for my legs.

Best news of the day though; after my ride I weighed myself and I'm down to a scant 199lbs. People, I haven't been under 200+ lbs in about 10 years. That's amazing to me. Sure, it isn't like it's all muscle, but it's less fat than it used to be! I'd be happy to weigh 215 if I could keep it under 10% body fat, but for now I'm gonna stay happy with 199... even though now that I've had dinner and have been replacing my fluids I'm probably back to 201. Small details. Made myself a nice turkey sandwich and a salad for dinner though... just in case.

Going to try to get to bed earlier tonight so I can get some good rest to fight off this cold. Slamming lots of multi vitamins and drinking lots of water. I ran out of Wellness Formula and Airborne, so I'm just taking my multi vitamin for now. Hopefully a good diet, some rest and lots of water will do the job.

Ok... bye for now.


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Donna T. said...

Good for you on reaching your goals! And, dang, that's determination - riding with a cold in the wind.