Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Masiguy Podcast, etc

Ok, so Episode #6 of the Masiguy Podcast is up and ready for your entertainment and bemusement... sorry.

It's pouring rain here tonight- a true frog strangler. It's coming down sideways and in sheets. Great! Tomorrow I start a 4 day break from work and some much needed rest... and it is supposed to rain the entire time... AND I've gotten a cold. Argh! Looks like I might be spending the entire time indoors- at least I can go to the gym and get some inside chores done. Great...


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Kazeebo said...

We're pretty well convinced our children are conspiring to kill us. We've got the cold/crud/flu as well. At least its miserably cold outside here in KY - so it's no loss in terms of riding.

Hope you get feeling better soon. Nice timing though to avoid that stage race killer! ;)