Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yep, still busy... BLC begins

Sorry for the recent drop in posting. It's been super busy, as I mentioned the other day, and there has been a ton of activity.

Last night was the beginning of the BLC conference. Jill Hamilton and I are the sole representatives at the conference for Haro/ Masi, so we were there last night for the opening reception and conversations. We had a great representative from the Canadian ski industry and Whistler Canada give the opening talk about how the ski industry revived flat/ falling sales. Not surprisingly, it involved a lot of growth investment and reaching out to new skiers. The bike industry has a lot of similarities and needs to pay attention to this- I'll have more details later on that.

I need to grab a shower and head to the conference for Day 2. I have no idea if there is any wi-fi at the conference, so I'm not sure if my laptop will do me any good- but I'm taking it anyway. Since I'm in a hurry to get my coffee in me and get cleaned up, thought I'd just post this very cool link to the Commute By Bike website (owned and operated by my very good friend Tim Grahl)- it's an "interview" video that I did with Tim, Tim Parr of Swobo and Brad Quartuccio, editor of Urban Velo. It's fun to watch and is on the topic of advocacy, so it is relevant to my goals the next two days.

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Poppa P said...

Hey, Tim. Nice to meet you today at the BLC. I particularly enjoyed our discussion about the use of social media and Web 2.0 tools to push the conversation forward, whether in cycling or in any other market.

As promised, here's the link to the SOAR Communications blog (, as well as my contact info. Take care.

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