Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Did anybody say SRAM?

Yesterday, just before the end of the day, I met briefly with one of the fine folks from SRAM. He was visiting with our Moutain Bike Brand Manager and Senior Product Developement Manager and going over all of the product relevant to them and their products, but I got to have a few minutes of his time as well.

Obviously, we talked about the new road group. I still say that this is going to be a great thing for the over all health of the industry and will spawn more creativity and hopefully great improvements for all of us. I also still say that the product looks really, really good and I am itching like an old hound dog with fleas to get a chance to actually get on the road with the product and see how it performs.

They are continuing to refine the product and have a bunch of new over all enhancements that will improve the product and that is a good, good thing. I can't tell you anything about it yet, of course, but I was very impressed and believe they are making a lot of really great strides with the product.

Once again, for the record, I am still a big fan of both Shimano and Campagnolo. I love both products and have friends with both companies. However, more competition and a viable third parts supplier is only going to make the industry healthier.

As a true bike nerd, new parts get my motor running, so I am very excited to see these further developments and am looking forward to prying a group out of Michael Zellman's big meaty hands. I keep begging and pleading, but so far I am still behind the velvet rope hoping I can find somebody popular enough to get me into the dance.



Anonymous said...

tell me that you dropped my name for the job!

come on Tim. don't let me down.

I was counting on you...you know from one Tim to another...

gosh. can I get no respect?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to try to get me that group, Tim. Don't forget, 177.5 cranks.