Monday, December 12, 2005

You know what I like? Free stuff!

Friday night we had our Christmas/ Holiday party at a nice seafood restaurant down on the beach. We had an awesome view of the surf and ate some great food and had a great time.

During the evening's festivites, we had a little "quiz" for prizes. I tied for the win with one of my table mates, Lawrence (our International Sales Manager). After the "bonus round", I came out victorious and walked away with;

I have been wanting one of these new beauties since I read about them. Now I don't have to buy one because I won one! All it cost me was my soul. Small price to pay for 30GB of music storage. Needless to say, I was very happy with the party.Here's our Fearless Leader with the t-shirt I brought for the White Elephant gift exchange. He stole the shirt from one of our sales geeks, Dave law, and then had it stolen from him by the wife of our BMX Brand Manager, Tony D'. Here's a really bad picture of one of the tables next to mine. The flash just wasn't doing the job in the darkness and overall size of the room we were in.

Here's my lousy attempt to catch the last waning seconds of the incredible sunset we had. If you squint your eyes really hard and maybe flair your nostrils, you can barely make out a little orange and red on the horizon. Ansel Adams, I am not.


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Bernie said...

Holy Cow... you manage to work that beautiful red frame into a lot of blog posts. I'd say you're keeping it well placed in the blog public's collective subconcious.