Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why I love my job; part... something.

I honestly can't remember the number of times I've waxed poetic about why and how I love my job. Frankly, I just can't count that high and just don't have the time to go through my posts to try. However, some days I really do (well, most really) love what I do.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting some guys at a local shop and going for a nice ride before the shop opens and then heading back into the shop to sit down and talk about bikes. This particular shop is one of the best triathlon shops around and we have a very strong tri community here. I am working on developing a good tri/TT bike, as I've stated before, so I am going in to the shop to speak with them about what they have found works and doesn't work. Not even trying to sell them bikes, just picking their brains to further the development process. It helps that these guys started selling Masi recently and are also friends of ours, but even if they weren't this would still be something I would really be looking forward to. I get pretty passionate about these bikes and I am certainly passionate about cycling in general, so this is definitely the kind of thing that gets my motor really revved up.

If you've been here before, you know I'm pretty excited about the brand. You'll also know I really like cycling, as a sport, culture and lifestyle. As much as I am able to try and convey my passion here, I really prefer the old face to face method and feel very comfortable "selling" the brand. Honestly, I really enjoy being "in the field". So be prepared to see me in your own neck of the woods because I am very likely going to be doing a good bit more traveling soon. I hope to be able to get to some of the better rides, races, charity events and fun happenings. If you have a personal favorite, let me know (I'm trying to build a calendar of events I want to try and hit). You never know where the Masiguy might show up, spreading love, happiness and world peace. Well, skip the world peace part because that would be silly to imply that I could actually and truly have that kind of impact on the world. Really, I'm lucky if I can keep from getting fired, so world peace might be a bit more than I can chew off. However, I can spread free socks and water bottles. That much I can handle.



The Donut Guy said...

If you ever visit Will at Ed's Ski and Cycle here in York, I'd love to meet you.

iruntheteam said...

I cannot wait to see and test the TT bikes when/if they come. And, we (A&F/Inferno - your team) would love bottles and socks. Thanks.
Really, you are way too devoted to your job (I can relate) and we very much appreciate it. That is "we" the "cycling community". Keep up the strong work and undying devotion.

- CT

Anonymous said...

here's tim busy at work, checking out the competition... [forget beeker, masiguy is magnus]


mags said...

Cycling is more of a live-style then a job. :)