Saturday, December 24, 2005

Meet the "boss"- Chad Thompson

I will be introducing you all to the members of the Abercrombie & Fitch/Inferno racing team, one at a time- in their own words. I figure, I'll give'em enough rope to hang themselves.

Our first victim... erm... I mean, team rider is Chad Thompson who wears a lot of different hats for the team. Chad is the team director/ owner and one of the riders as well. Oh yeah, when he isn't training, racing and running the team he's also a fire fighter. Can you see where the Inferno connection comes from?

Without further hesitation, meet Chad Thompson-

Chadwick (Chad) Thompson
33 years old. (09-17-1972)
Born: Erie, PA
Raised : San Jose, CA
Years Riding: 19+
Years Pro
experience: 3
Highlights = Former NorCal Dist Champ x
2, Rode in Europe for 1 season.
Pan-Am games in track (Points Race)
Measurements: 36-24-36

- Took 10 complete seasons off bike and
returned to Cat 1 level last year (No sh-t). Became body-builder and firefighter
in that time. It was hard (especially going from 198-200lbs to 165!!!, but I
finished 95% of my races in the top 20. In fact, only 1 DNF.

- Was the
elite team Manager for Honey Stinger/Spinergy in 2005 (that I put together with
another guy who bailed and left me with all the work and a bike club - sweet.)
Inferno spawned from that. Inferno Racing LLC is owned by Myself
(President/CEO/Founder?Majority Owner), my wife (accountant co-owner), Father
(legal dept., co-owner, avid cyclist), best friend - Matt (co-owner and graphic
designer). Inferno's goal was to own and operate a Pro Cycling Team and manage
endurance athletes. We currently own A&F/Inferno Cycling team and manage
Mazza Winery/Inferno Cycling Club. It is up and coming (the company that is).
- I am married (very, very happily) for
2 years now to a woman who looks exactly like Heather Locklear (thank you, thank
you). She was responsible for my return to racing. She found my CA state champ
jerseys in some boxes, quizzed me and insisted I do it again if I loved it. So
here we are.

So now you know Chad. You might have noticed his comments here on the blog from time to time- he usually signs on as "iruntheteam". He's a regular reader, so that proves his menatal instability- as if the racing didn't already.

Chad and I met at Interbike this year and actually did hit it off pretty good from the very beginning. We spent a lot of time just laughing about racing and people we know through racing. It was a great way to get started and I am thrilled to be working with Chad and the team.

Keep following along as I introduce the riders. I intend to get to all of the riders before the racing season gets fully under way.

(Forgive the weird formatting issues. I'm not really sure how it got this way.)

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Bernie said...

Very cool! I'm looking forward to "meeting" the rest of the team...