Friday, December 30, 2005

Resolutions and Predictions

I am so glad that this silliness is almost over. Aren't you?

Now we are on to the Resolutions and Predictions segment of the show. Thrills, chills and spills...

1) I'm going to lose 10 pounds. I've recently ballooned up to 215 thanks to all the holiday free food that keeps pouring in the front door of this building. I go down hill faster than ever, but now I climb about as well as Michael Rasmussen time trials. I plan to get to a good 205-210, solid racing weight. Muscle being heavier than fat, I should look a lot thinner than I do now.
2) To make #1 happen, I am resolving to not keep the old fridge stocked with beer anymore. If I want a beer, I'm gonna have to walk up to the local 7/11 and buy one or go to a bar and deal with other people. The good news is that I plan to drink more Scotch instead. Fewer calories and less fattening. I'm thinking of my health after all.
3) I'm going to talk to more of my customers on the phone and cement relationships. Retailers are going to be hearing more from me, as well as my sales force, so that I can get their feedback to shape Masi into a more important part of their business.
4) Consumers are going to be seeing my getting-thinner face at events, rides, festivals and the like. As one of my sales reps stated, I'm going to "make it personal". This will hopefully be considered bad news by some of my "competitors" because, yes, I am going to be stealing some business away from other brands.
5) I am going to keep this blog as a big part of what I do and how I communicate. In doing that, I am also going to strive to learn how to make this space more functional and interactive. More polls, more links, more information, more of more. I think I may even try my hand/voice at podcasting. I want to get more involved in learning about the technology of blogging and possibly even attend a few conferences/ seminars.
6) I am going to try to get more involved within the industry itself. I joke around a lot about taking over the industry (which I still intend to do), but ultimately I have a lot of respect for my competitors and a lot of love for the industry as a whole. Whether I continue to work with people simply trying to learn about blogging or by lending my time and my hands to working with other companies to improve the health of the industry, I want to be a part of making things better.
7) I resolve to not do another list of resolutions (until this time next year).

1) Lance will not win the Tour in 2006... unless he comes out of retirement to make it an even 8 in a row.
2) Michael Rasmussen will either learn to ride a better time trial or his TT bike will have training wheels on it.
3) The UCI and Grand Tour organizers will continue to squabble and bicker with each other, making my four year old look more grown-up than them.
4) The new SRAM road group will continue to get people all hot and sweaty. I also predict that I will be doing all that I can to get my hands on a group. Shameless attempts to get Michael Zellman's attention are likely to happen. (Hi Michael- I'm here just thinking about how cool you are and how much I like those road parts.)
5) A&F/ Inferno will win bike races and I will be very happy. I predict some really cool things happening with these guys. Stay tuned for news and reports in 2006.
6) More jackass riders will get caught doping. Folks, it ain't going away ever. There is too much pressure to succeed and get results and riders are human so they are going to make stupid decisions. One of my biggest hopes is that none of them get caught during the Amgen Tour of California. There's bad news and then there's really bad news...
If the governing bodies in cycling, in all countries, want to really start to make a difference in the fight against doping, then lifetime bans for doping need to happen. You can't just say "I'm sorry" and come back to the sport and make money again. Harsh, I know, but sponsors will eventually walk away from the sport, rather than have their images tarnished by doping scandals.
6-a) The governing bodies aren't going to get serious about doping enforcement. Cynical view, I know, but I haven't seen anything yet that proves me wrong. Each positive test stirs up denials and finger pointing. Tests are called into question and opposing governing bodies bicker and fight about what should happen and if the rider in question is guilty or not. People- this is not the way to get healthy.

7) We're all going to keep riding our bikes. We're all going to keep complaining about things we don't like. We're all going to keep praising the things we like.

Here's my wish for all of you; a very happy, healthy, successful, prosperous and ride-filled New Year.



Donna Tocci said...

Well it looks like your 2007 plan and goals are done. Want to tackle mine now? ;) are going to pick up the phone and actually talk to people..and visit people to build relationships? relationships in person...what a novel idea. :) Many people would have the world think that blogging is the best way to create relationships with customers, now wouldn't they? I tend to agree with you, as you know - it's a tool sure, but there isn't any better way to build a solid relationship with someone than spending some actual time with them. Such a smart cookie! GOOD FOR YOU!
Looking forward to seeing you on the East Coast during your travels this spring for the L&L ride. We'll keep you posted on the date.
Here's wishing you all the best in accomplishing each of these goals, Tim!

steelrider2 said...

Backatcha...Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Palomar New Years Day
9, Wolford Cafe.
See you there.