Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Team News Release- Urgent Update!

Ok, I was trying to allow the regular media the chance to spread this news first and a few folks have and a couple others might, but it is part of my civic duty to make the announcement here as well.

Read below;


Tim Jackson, Masi Brand Manager
Masi Bicycles
1230 Avenida Chelsea
Vista, CA 92081

Team Inferno Signs New Title Sponsor and Becomes Abercrombie & Fitch presented by Inferno Racing Cycling Team (A&F/ Inferno).

December 16, 2005- Vista, CA- Abercrombie & Fitch, the famous fashion clothing company with retail stores in several countries and sales across the world through its website, has partnered with Team Inferno to take over as title sponsor of the team. The Professional/ Elite men’s team will now be known as Abercrombie & Fitch presented by Inferno Racing Cycling Team (aka A&F/ Inferno).

Abercrombie & Fitch is recognized around the world as a clothing manufacturer, relying on a youthful and healthy image. Joining forces with the Inferno Racing Cycling Team is seen as a way to further that image and promote the healthy lifestyle of cycling. Abercrombie & Fitch was also attracted to the team for their charitable work with organizations like the Lance Armstrong Foundation and others.

Chad Thompson, President and CEO of Inferno Racing LLC stated, "Who could ask for a cooler sponsor? I mean really; cool clothes, youthful image and healthy people. It all goes hand in hand with what cycling is all about. We are so proud to bring such a great company into the mainstream of the cycling world and cycling into the mainstream of the public audience even further! The new A&F/Inferno team has 2 persons to thank wholeheartedly for the A&F deal. First and foremost is Mrs. Leslee Herro, (Executive Vice President of Planning and Allocation for A&F), a true cycling enthusiast herself, for making the hardest push within the great A&F corporation and Mr. Tom Lennox (Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications) whom sat and listened to us and had a genuine interest in the pitch of our program. He was very excited with the idea and we knew in 2 days. This could not have come at a better time. While we were already well-funded, this eliminates any monetary stress that most teams have throughout a year."

With this improved budget situation, the team will be able to more successfully support racing at multiple and concurrent events during the season, as well as having the ability to better fund the necessary support staff for a full season of racing the premier events in the US.

The team roster currently consists of;
David "Shawn" Adams - OH
Andrew "Andy" Applegate – NC (Multiple National Championship Titles)
Jim Baldesare (2002 US men's National Elite Criterium Champion) - OH
Ryan Gamm - OH
Jeremy Grimm (2005 Ohio state Criterium Champion) - OH
Jered Gruber - GA
Rich Harper (2005 Georgia Cup Champion) - NC
Mark Hekman (Ranked 5th in 2005 USCF/NRC Criterium standings overall) - NC
Abe McNutt - OH
Malachi "Reid" Peacock - GA
Ryan Rish - OH
Todd Shaker - OH
Tim Swain - OH
Chad Thompson (Team Director/ rider) - OH

The team’s current primary sponsors are (complete list of sponsors on team website);
Abercrombie & Fitch (
www.abercrombie.com) – primary financial support, title sponsor
Inferno Racing LLC (
www.infernoracing.org) – ownership/ management, financial support
MATTEO Studios (
www.matteostudios.com) - Creative design, Web design, cash-money (Inferno Racing LLC co-owner)
Masi Bicycles (
www.masibikes.com) - bicycle frame sponsor
Kenda Tire (
www.kendausa.com) – tires, tubes and financial support
Spinergy (
www.spinergy.com) – wheels and financial support
Thomson (
www.lhthomson.com) – stems and seatposts
Kestrel (
www.kestrel-usa.com) – carbon fiber forks and handlebars
Crank Brothers (
www.crankbrothers.com) - pedals
Verge Sport (
www.vergesport.com) - team clothing
Paceline Products (
www.pacelineproducts.com) Рchamois cr̬me
Vittoria shoes (
www.torelli.com) - cycling shoes and financial support
Rudy Project USA (
www.rudyprojectusa.com) – helmets, glasses and bags/packs
Saris/Cycle-Ops (
www.saris.com & www.cycle-ops.com) - bike racks, trainers and performance training products

Masi bicycles have been ridden to victory by many champions for several decades and the brand looks to make a triumphant return to sponsoring professional/ elite level cycling teams.

I will obviously have a lot more to say about this development (d'uh), but I am very happy for the team because this is a huge boost for them. It makes this season essentially worry-free and gives them a very good prospect for a second year deal next year. Bringing a company like A&F into cycling is absolutely huge news. Expect to be reading more about these guys this year.



Gilby said...

Great news! That seems like an awesome opportunity to bring cycling to a mainstream audience.

Donna Tocci said...

This will be the best dressed cycling team in the country....
Congrats to the team and to A&F for getting involved with cycling!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I Cyclingnews just posted this in their 12/21 first edition news post! You're world famous!

Anonymous said...

Now you can finally get some real Eurotrash clothes and stop wearing those industry hand-me-downs you've been sportin'. Baby steps Timmy my boy

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that I'm incredibly psyched to be riding Masi next season and hopefully beyond.

If these bikes ride half as good as they look, it should be a sweet sweet year on the bike.

Thanks for your faith and support in us as a team, I hope we can bring some solid results.