Monday, December 05, 2005

Party Race report.

Last year at this time, a wonderful little local shop celebrated one year of business. That fateful night, a mad-dash scramble of a race around the block was held on various cruisers in the shop's inventory. On that particular night, I came out as the winner. Last year's win was an emotional and surprising win. This year, it was personal!

Adams Avenue Bicycles is owned by my friend Andrew Lee.

Andrew and his guys run a beautiful little shop, which they are now expanding, and they have developed something of a cult following. This year they were celebrating their second anniversary and the expansion of the shop. Just like last year, there was the midnight Adams Avenue Bicycles Gran Prix.

Now, for a touch of background here; I hate losing races. Even races at midnight, at a party, in the middle of the street against folks who may or may not be less than totally sober. I am a gracious loser, but I have to admit that I prefer not to. With that in mind, I have to confess that I did a few sprint work outs during the week leading up to the party/ race. Well, you know, to stay mentally sharp.

Ok, the good news is that we had two of our officials from the velodrome present at the party, so we had real officials. The start was wobbly for a lot of folks, but I was able to get out in the front just before the first turn without knocking anybody over... though a few racers were a little unstable. Coming out of turn two and heading for three, there was only one rider in front of me, but I got around him as we exited the turn. From there, I assumed it was clear sailing and began to sit up, preparing to coast around turn four and gloat across the line. However, my good friend Ernesto ("Beanerello"), came screaming up along my side and forced me to sprint my ass off coming into turn four and all the way to the line. It was so close, I wasn't sure I had won. Ernesto was on a geared bike, where as I was on a single speed beach cruiser, so the sprint was far from being a sealed deal. However, good prevailed over evil and I was able to retain my title for another year.

(The winner in the winner's jersey.)

The party was a blast and fun was had by all. Happy Birthday Adams Avenue!


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