Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fingers crossed...

Unless things go sideways, I'll be getting out of here in a few hours and going home!

Clots are stable and my blood numbers are "improving", so I'll get to go home. I'll be going home with a prescription for the blood thinner that I take via a shot twice daily in the abdomen. My mom and step-dad (both are nurses) will get the honors of giving the shots to me- I'm brave, but I ain't that brave.

Gonna be on blood meds for the next 6 months and will have to get my blood monitored often... but I'm gonna get to go home very soon. It'll take about 4-6 weeks for my body to absorb/ dissolve the clots. The drugs I have to take will help keep the blood from clotting again. Waiting for test results that will tell me if I have a permanent need for the drugs- hopefully not, but possibly.

But I'm going home! Home, sweet home.


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Donna T. said...

Woooo-hooooo! (not for the shots, but for the going home, of course)