Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's like it's my birthday or something...

I've always loved the sound of that big brown truck rolling up with boxes for me... now more than ever...

I got a whole bunch of really cool goodies the past few days/ weeks...
  • The jersey is from Donna Tocci and Bob- Bobke- Roll. Bob did a dealer event in Boston for Kryptonite and the two of them got me the jersey and Bob signed it with a "Get well soon- Bobke". Like I said in the Spokesmen Podcast yesterday, Bob even called me in the hospital... and I even remember a few sentences from the conversation.
  • The T-shirt is from Fritz and says "gravity is my secondary retention device". Oh so true.
  • The gift basket is from Peace Coffee in Minneapolis and was sent from Spencer and the crew (including Tim Hayes- aka Souper Wookie) from Little Guy Racing- a small and awesome team Masi sponsors. A big bag of yummy smelling coffee, a couple of mugs, some whole grain pancake mix and some delicious natural maple syrup.
  • The big beers are from my friend, former co-worker and bike shop owner MSV (no names... just initials to protect the invisible). Yes, I do believe I'll be having one tonight.
  • The bottle of wine and CDs come from my good friend Valeria Maltoni in Philadelphia. Nice Italian Chianti and some Italian music to soothe a weary and beat-up body and mind. Graziemille, bella.
Not pictured;
  • A great care package from Donna full of Boston's very own Dunkin Donuts coffee and coffee mugs and a few other goodies.
  • A set of new Sesame Street training wheels from the fine folks at Ritchey (I'll find a way to get you back for that one, KY...)
Thank you one and all. Sincerely. I don't know what I did to deserve you all. I'm more touched than I can ever tell you.



Anonymous said...

Damn me and my model car. Address please? Im still working on it.

Super Rookie said...

Sure...give spencer all the credit.


Get well soon!

Donna T. said...

Here's hoping that all of the good vibes (and good coffee etc) help in a speedy recovery.

Yokota Fritz said...

Training wheels, ha! Wish I thought of that one :-)