Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's sunny, I'm inside and the Giro has started...

Ok, first slight dose of melancholy today. It's gorgeous here today and I'm unable to ride- of course- and the Giro d'Italia has begun- further fueling my bike jones.

It's gonna be a LONG 3 months of waiting to ride. Those first few rides on the trainer are going to hurt like hell... but will be the best rides of my life. As soon as I can, I'm going to get my daughter on her Trail-A-Bike and go for a ride with her. That's a promise.

If you are able, get out and ride and enjoy (but wear your damn helmet). My mind is wandering all over the world, dreaming of bike rides I've had and hope to have. I look forward to being back on the roads with you all.



Vincenzo said...

Holy cow! I've been so occupied with school that I totally didn't know about where and what happened to you Tim. After reading through your blog, I'm happy to hear that you are alright. Honestly, I hope you feel better by the second.

Anonymous said...

Im drinking myself into a stupor in your honor.
Im glad youre ok.. Not the sort of thing youll look back on and laugh, but the sort of thing youll look back on and no matter how beat up you feel on any future ride, it kicks the crap out of being beat up for real.

Valeria Maltoni said...

When I saw news of Il Giro on all Italian papers I thought of you.