Thursday, May 08, 2008

Making a broken Brand Manager smile...

Got this today through the Masi website;

Hello, just bought my first Masi, a speciale fixed. Got back from my first ride earlier today, and I love it. Thank you.


Name : Liz Gresey

Country : USA

All the parts of me that don't hurt are smiling right now...



Unknown said...

Tim - glad to hear/read that there is something out there bringing a smile. Every little bit helps. Hope the recovery is as rapid as possible. The worst bike crash I had was in high school (ah, for the days of adolescent super-strength) when a quick-release front wheel quick released while I was riding. Fortunately I was only going about 10-15 mph, unfortunately I had no helmet. Broken elbow, lots of road rash, slight concussion that led (after a few years of developing) to epilepsy.

As you said before - ALWAYS weat a lid.

Anonymous said...

I bet this email from a new customer really changed your energy and hekped you shift your thoughts to other things.

I've looked at all of the pictures in the other articles and man, all i can say is that you are such a Trooper (like in iron maiden) and a fighter. You are actually inspiring me with your toughness. Keep your thoughts positive and know all your friends are out there providing you with silent support.
Best of luck with the healing today,

Anonymous said...

Tim, best of luck on the recovery!

Ever since the bike camp out in Boulder City, NV I've been thinking about the 3VC and I finally recently got my DA after the MS150. Made my second trip on it today, a commute actually, for bike to work day. Got it tightened up and ready for a century ride this Saturday.

It's a beautiful bike! Looking forward to many miles on it.

-toby @ RCI/SNS