Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Friends are great!

Thank you Smithers!

It's ok that I like flowers... sometimes a fella just likes to feel pretty.

Chris Smith is The Man behind Time USA and is a "competitor" of mine in the road bike market, but we're also friends. Friendships like this one are the main reason I love my profession so much.

Thanks Smithers- the flowers mean a lot and I really appreciate it.



Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy!

Good to see you are upright and at home. If you feel like it, hit me up. I help you out with whatever I can.

I wish you the speediest of recoveries!


Ed W said...

Tim, you look like you've gone for a tumble in an industrial drier!

There comes a time during recovery when you realize how hard and long that recovery will be. It's a difficult moment. If you're working with a physical therapist, just remember that they're not actually out to torture you, though it certainly seems that way. If you're willing to go through the pain early in the process,your range of motion will come back quicker.

Still, physical therapists are all closet Nazis.

Ed "Accident Prone" Wagner

Ian Stanford said...

Get well soon. I have always taken my worse crashes as my "wake up calls", but I also use them to get my mind where I want it to be. That would be to be sure I get back on the bike that bucked me. That is one of the challenges of this sport. I think Jonathan Vaughters put it best in his expressive writing piece after Timmy Duggan went down in Georgia. Look it up and see what he had to say. I believe it can be found on the Slipstream site. Get well and many more happy miles to you soon. Ciao -Ian Stanford

Anonymous said...

Ouch Tim. I feel for you, having gone through a long crash-recovery period after messing up my neck in a mountain bike accident a couple years ago.

I try to stay focused during rehab and treatment, and I continue to have great support from my family when I get a little down.

You made it through the initial crash, so take your time and get better.

Enjoy your time with your kid, hang out, eat ice cream. The bike stuff all comes back when your body is ready and your mind is into it.

Anonymous said...

Way to rock the AAB-T!

Glad your home and on the way to recovery.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes! (you don't know me)

Hang tough, it get's better as time goes on. It seems like it will take forever, but one day you actually sleep 5-6 hours in a row.


9 years ago I did my tib fib skiing, and they added an internal rod to the tib, works great!!! Let is right length and right direction (wee!) Fib has minor non-union, but it hasn't let me done yet. Actually spend the 4th of July in Austin that year, and was using a cane because of therapy induced ankle sprain (doh).

I'm at 5 weeks with a non-displaced fracture of the greater tuberosity (upper arm). It's grumpy, but am closing in on a somewhat normal nights sleep. Also did this skiing (tripped over small pile of spring snow, and landed on the last piece of ice on the slopes).
- Not sure when I'll get back out on my mountain bike. I may wait until July.

Again, best wishes. Note to your buddies: Please help Tim get groceries, he'll want milk on hand all the time. And laundry, is a toughy too.