Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yep, I'm still here...

Still in the hospital as of this morning. Rumor has it that I might be able to go home today... might. So far, early tests of my blood show that it is not thinning out enough for me to be released (I always knew I had good, thick blood). Until the blood is sufficiently thin, I'm sitting on my butt in the hospital. I'm on strict bed rest, though I have "bathroom privileges"- meaning I don't have to potty in a jug. Since I hate TV, I've been getting lots of sleep (thanks to the drugs) and just relaxing with visitors.

I'm on my third roommate here on the oncology floor. This newest one also has severe cancer. He'll probably get to go home before I do, but... I'm damn blessed. Like I said before- I'm massively inconvenienced by some serious injuries, but I am expected to make a total recovery. The conversations I've overheard here over the past few days have helped to give me renewed thankfulness. I've got a personal relationship with cancer (and I'll leave it at that) and I know what it can do to the person with the cancer and all the people in that person's life. To put it plainly- Cancer sucks.

Here's to hoping you're all out riding today and enjoying the weekend. I look forward to being out there with you in the foreseeable future.



Unknown said...

I like your optimism and applaud you for keeping your perspective. It is all to easy to go to the "woe is me" state.


Anonymous said...

Are the blood clots related to the accident or something else?