Friday, May 09, 2008

Two special big thanks (to start with)...

I have to kind of back track a little and give a few thanks here. I have hundreds, if not thousands of people to thank, but these first two are "A-Listers" and I simply have to give them their own post...

First and foremost, I have to swing the doors of my heart way open and give thanks to my very best friend in this world- Jim Becher, aka Blue Squirrel. Jim got the news out about my crash nearly immediately and I don't really even know how he got the news so quickly to even begin spreading it. But he did and he turned that news into action. Jim's updates fed the blogosphere the news and stoked a flame of support that I never, ever dreamed I would receive. Jim's support and friendship over the years has carried me through many hard times as well as helped me to further enjoy the good times... but he's always been there. Not only did he provide an endless stream of updates on my condition and status at the hospital, but he also set up (on his own and without my knowledge) a Get Well Fund to help with my expenses related to this crash and my recovery. Needless to say, I love the guy like the brother he truly is and my life and world are better thanks to his friendship.

(OK, go grab your Kleenex and blow now...)

Next, I really have to thank my very dear friend Kathleen King (KK). Like Jim, Kathleen spearheaded getting the news of my crash out and helping to provide updates on my condition. Along with Jim, the two of them were an awesome conduit of news and information to those who were looking for information about me and my condition. What touches me the most about Kathleen is that we have really only become friends over the past 6-8 months, but that hasn't stopped her from being an amazing friend and supporter during that time. Again, proving that blessings come in all forms and without timelines we really understand sometimes.

So please, help me thank these two great and different friends. Both of them have been a big part in my spiritual recovery and I doubt I'll ever be able to fully thank them enough.

More thanks will be coming- believe me... so stay tuned.



blue squirrel said...

stop it already,

i don't need thanks, but thanks, i appreciate it. you have a ton of people to thank and i know you won't be able to thank all of them personally, but you and i both know who they are and this is a universal thank you from me to all of tim's friends, family and supporters, thanks so much, you moved me too.

i will be puking, opps, i mean racing in tim's name at the fiesta island TT this sunday morning, so if you are there, stop by and say hi.

Donna T. said...

I second the thanks to both Blue and KK for keeping us all updated and in the loop. They were and are both amazing people.

blue squirrel said...

don't be so humble donna, you were right there too, behind the scenes spreading the word, tim is lucky to have such a great friend in you. that is why you were the first person i told. [nothing like a public outing of thanks, ;-) ]

Kk said...

Awwww! Tim you know that without you I'd still be a big newbie dork on the outside looking in and wondering what things like "singletrack" meant. I was just along for the ride watching your global fan base check in. And yes, Blue Squirrel deserves way more credit than I. Jim, U ROCK! I'm going to keep "watering my brain (in a helmet)" and yeah no more wiggling the wire thingy in your thumb...EWWWW!