Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's gonna take a while...

Recovery won't be easy or quick... sort of like typing for me now- it hurts, it takes forever and I make lots of mistakes. But I'm gonna keep trying. I promise.

First follow-up visit with the hospital today. Should be "fun"...

Grossed myself out yesterday; was checking out my thumb, which is 100% bandaged and in a semi cast. I can't actually see anything- it's mummified. The tip is criss-crossed with tape as well- totally hiding the entire thing. While I was checking it out, I noticed a small "wire" under the tape. I figured it was just there to protect the end of my thumb from being bumped- since the cast is open around the end. But then I noticed that as I wiggled the wire... my thumb moved. I also noticed that the wire was in a straight line... inline with the bone of my thumb. The bone that is held together by metal... perhaps even something that feels like a wire... and might possibly be extending past the tip of my thumb.


Needless to say, I don't touch the "wire" anymore and the mention of it makes me feel pukie.

Word to the wise- if in doubt... DO NOT WIGGLE any wires or pins sticking out of your bandages/ casts. I'm just sayin'...

Now some pictures to make you feel better about yourself...

The day of surgery for my thumb... don't I look "fresh"?

Thumbs up! (My only working one...) My new Prayer Quilt that my mom got me from her church. Believe me... it makes a difference. Wrapped in warm love always makes you feel better.

Cookies! My very dear friend David Bernstein of The Fredcast and The Spokesmen sent these and they were a huge hit with my visitors, the nurses and ME!

We tried a walker first... but I really couldn't get used to it- it hurt more, it was awkward and it felt wobbly... and it isn't stair friendly and I have lots of stairs to navigate. The Physical Therapy folks at Scripps Mercy Hospital were fantastic and worked so hard to help me become mobile again. I can never thank them enough.

It's a bad angle, but the knee was the size of a watermelon. Double fracture of the Tibia and Fibula, so 12 weeks with no weight on my foot.

Going home! The nursing staff was awesome. Just awesome. I got great care the entire week I was in the hospital. I can't thank these fine folks enough. From the doctors to the nurses, I was treated fantastically.

Gotta represent the team still! My new friends- crutches and a new potty/ shower chair. Oh yeah... I'm a TOTAL rock star. Don't be jealous... but I know you are.



blackmountaincycles said...

e-mail me your address. i got a little something for you to enjoy.


(wire, wire, wire) oooh, made me shudder too.

Grizzly Adam said...

I have seen little snippets and things--but what actually happened to you?

Glad you are recovering.

James T said...

That cookie is right- they really are the best medicine.

I like the Dopers suck socks too in the wheelchair picture. Nice touch.

Glad to hear you are doing better.

Anonymous said...

The baseball cap makes the outfit! Take care and heal quickly!


Bellie said...

Wow, Tim. Glad to see you are getting about. Met you at Interbike last year; I am a friend of Will Mahler on the East Coast. I wish you a speedy and full recovery. Enjoy those Chamays when you are off the pain meds.

Michele from Lancaster, PA

Anonymous said...

"WOOKING Much Better!" :-)
Question: 'Why view cooking shows while surviving on 'food tube' sustenance years ago?'
Answer: Attribute much of my cooking talents to that time.
Moral - 'View fitness programming for those numerous injuries!'
Ponder the 2009 'Tour of California' while LIVING good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Looks bad. Glad you're smiling in some pictures though. Hang in there, you'll be back on your wheels in no time!!

Get well


stickboybike said...

That wire story definitely put a hurl on deck for me.

Glad to see you smiling! Be well!

Unknown said...

You gotta tell someone to take the eyeliner off the doctors put on;) Glad to hear you getting better by the day